Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sedona I Love You Love You Da

We (Sandhya, Sathya, Sushil, Durga, Lakshmi, Peeyush, Lucas, Elyse, Michael and I) drove into the sunset in Sedona. The sun painted the skies in purples, blues, oranges, pinks, and reds. At one point, there was a column of orange light that rose from the heart of the setting sun and went up into the skies. ARUNAACHALA??!!

The air smelt of iron with a freshness that was so softening. We reached Michael's home where he received us with joy and warmth. Straight away, he whisked us off to this amazing place called The Cathedral Rock where there is an energy vortex. We had to park our cars somewhere below and walk up the mountain through a narrow trail with one flashlight amongst us. The path was lined with very prickly cacti and had very uneven steps (all lack of it). After about 10 minutes, wandering in the dark like this, we reached a flat rock like a plateau where we spread our sheets and got ready to eat dinner. After an amazing meal of vegetable stew, yogurt rice with pickles (four kinds of pickles from India), and fruits, we settled back to look up at a sky that was studded chokingly with millions of stars. The whole Milky Way gazed down upon us and it seemed as if more stars were edging in from behind to gaze down upon us because there was nothing that came between us. There was only a gentle breeze, the cool summer smell and warm rock beneath. We saw the lights of jets, satelites, and falling stars weaving between the existing stars and planets. My God, it was breathtaking! The silence of the night was punctuated with sounds of a coyote howling somewhere in the distance or a few human voices that were on a trek somewhere around. We stayed on till past midnight and returned home to catch a five hour sleep before we got up to get ready for the day's schedule.
Early this morning, we set out for Briar Patch Inn. Nestled in the woods, with a silver stream sparkling and gurgling by, we sat under a gazebo, and ate african bread with fresh marmalade, home made quiche, cereal, fresh fruit salad, all of it washed down with orange juice. Live music serenaded us gratifying our body, mind and souls. Afterwards, we descended to the river, and gingerly dipped our feet in the limpid, brisk waters.

Michael suggested that we drive to Oak Creek in order to enjoy the river to our satisaction. Amidst the rocks and boulders, the creek was more accessible. Some of us waded into the creek to find our spots in the sun and meditated while others vegetated, chatted or chirped. We sang bhajans, and film songs, and an impromptu satsang. Sushil reclined on a rock like a buddha, while Sathya did his Kriya. Afterwards we returned to Michael's home where Sandhya & Durga whipped up a delicious spread of tamarind rice, pickles, yoghurt and salad. And the excitement continues........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jewish & Indian Chant Evening

An Evening of Holy chants from the Jewish and Hindu tradition, meditation and meeting between cultures. With Raji Laksmi Ratan, a special Guest teacher from India and rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan and with Nava Tehila's musicians Daphna Rosenberg, Yoel Sykes and Ilana Melman.

Tickets are 50 NS. For those who need a reduced rate some tickets are available for 30 NS.
Time: Thursday Dec 4 at 8:30 pm
Place: Beit Shmuel,7 Shama St. Jerusalem.
Limited seating – Place an order by credit card with Merav 050-7278762 OR order online

Monday, December 1, 2008

Visit to kibbutz

These are pictures from my visit to a kibutz near Haifa called- HAZOREA. you can see what a beautiful place they have. alex was my gaurdian . he's the rolly polly in the pic where i'm listening to the guy who is talking about goldfish & coy fish[$6000/-] per fish---they have this big fish farm . they also have a plastic factory which i chose not to go to. then there is the horse stable where you see me with arabian beauties!! [antha arabic kadaloram........] then we had tea in the forest where it was soooo silent & u can see the gurgling waterfall as it 'trips & falls over stones on its way...'. the pomella tree[bamblimas] is in Reuma's[pronounced-re-uma] house. there are many kibutzs around Haifa. the music concert was an amazing success. they want another one in a hall on thursday. perhaps we will record the next one!
the past week was also a new low with the terror attack in mumbai, we're all feeling the shock of the same. All our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

On sunday, the 9th of November Sulieman drove me to Ramallah where Nouran recieved me. After lunch we drove to "Star of Hope" Palestinian NGO for disabled women. I taught the Breath Water Sound course to 15 blind women and some with physical disabilities. The director Miss Ola is herself totally ["except for her hands and head"] inmobile on a weel chair, but she was smiling all the time. There were two blind women who asked very deep questions. Within three days, there was comradrie and belongingness amongst all of them. They were curious to know about my life, India, and how i got the knowledge, and from whom. They even offered some moneyt for the three days which i donated right back to their NGO.
Stay in Suad's house is like living with Arielle or any one of my children . The same hurrying in the morning without breakfast and coming home hungry and tired. It was good for me to have somebody to scold and make sure she eats properly!! :-) She cooks amazingly and refused to allow me in the kitchen. All most every hour one could hear the Shaikh call the "faithfull" to worship Allah. It sounds like a song and i think I'm going to miss it when i go to India.
The course had a 16 year old " Ismaeil" who insisted on staying in the course even when i told him he is under age! He has handled the course quite maturedly. This group of 14 feel belongingness and friendship, will send the picture later.
Celebrated "Karthigai festival of lights" with Suad and burst some fireworks. Am being driven by Tyis a dutch guy back to jerusalem where arielle will take me to Kabala shabath in her synagogue. It will take untill 12pm. Next day we have lunch at Sarit's & then satsang & long kriya at telaviv centre. From sunday, morning & evening courses are planned.

Monday, October 27, 2008


hi all
this post is by rajima's son. just putting up some pics of her at a recent reunion she had with her playschool friends - yeah they are in touch all these years. enjoi these pics as they sure are njoing their second childhood!! these were taken in ooty & coonoor..